Kano Judo Schools
Kano Judo Schools
Call Kano Judo Schools 2/15 Vanden Way, Joondalup WA 6027
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Judo Facts

  • Judo does not have any political or religious affiliations.
  • Judo is judo - unlike most other martial arts, judo is unified and non fragmented.
  • There are no different 'styles'
  • Judo is a very efficient grappling sport and an excellent selfdefence
  • It is a sought after grappling sport for selfdefence reasons
  • The bowing procedure is purely a form of greeting
  • Judo is a full contact sport and rated the safest martial art for children under 14
  • JUDO IS A COMPETITIVE SPORT. Although a large number of our players enjoy the training at club level, we encourage all judoka to enter competitions as part of their total development

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