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Judo Competitions

Each term we have several club and state competitions designed to introduce our younger players to competitive judo in a friendly and familiar environment. This is a natural extension of their club training. In this day and age of "everyone is a winner", nobody is special.

We are a full contact and very competitive sport as opposed to some martial arts that pride themselves in being non contact and non competitive. Judo is an Olympic sport with the emphasis on safety and fun. Yes, judo will give your child discipline, respect for others, fitness and an excellent self defence with a positive attitude but above all we teach a sport.

Kids of all shapes and sizes go up against players of their same ages and weights. This keeps things fair and interesting. During normal sparring and competition the player soon finds out that the person he or she is competing against does not stand still but is also attacking. With both attacking and defending roles the player needs to continually improve their skills to stay ahead. Judo is a life long journey and the learning never ends.


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